The Advantages of Having Your Own Domain Name
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Naming rights
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What is a domain name?

Put simply, its a www address. For example
Command Computers internet address used to be
(this address- known as our URL is provided free by our Internet Service Provider ISP). We applied for a domain name and got
(this address costs money and has to be registered with the naming authority)

Why do it at all?

A domain name allows you to have a professional presence on the Internet. It makes you look like one of the "big" players. You don't have to have a Domain name to be on the net. Individuals can also own a personalised domain name. Eg

Naming rights
Like any trade name, logo, or brand name, your domain name represents a part of your business identity - something customers and business associates can recognise, remember, and positively associate with your services or products. Since names are issued on a first come, first served basis, even if you don't have a web site yet, or perhaps not even email, it's important to register your preferred domain name now in order to secure your naming rights. Registering your domain name will at very least prevent someone else from using it. You cannot register any name you like, you must be able to demonstrate ownership of the name, usually by way of a registered business or company name. If your desired name is already taken as a, we can offer you some exciting alternatives, including the use of common words and place names eg

With your own domain name, access on the World Wide Web becomes a simple matter of entering No one has to write it down, they can remember it. They may even find it on the basis that it should be there: eg looking for Epsonís site? try

Adds Credibility
As the saying goes: "You never get a second chance to make a first impression". Having your own domain name projects a professional image of you and your company, normally associated with large companies. It tends to say to others that you're a serious business person, operating an established business, in a professional manner.

Also, by doing business under your own domain name, you can use multiple Email "aliases". Every Email message affirms your name, eg,,

If you've ever had to change your service provider, or even move your physical business address, you won't have to be reminded of what an incredible hassle it can be to notify everyone. Remember, without your own domain name, your Internet address is tied to that of your service provider. Thus, if you want to change providers you also change your Web address and probably Email address as well.

The Internet in Australia is made up of far too many small ISP, at some stage they will either go broke or be swallowed up by a larger ISP. As a result your URL will disappear.

Are your ready to print new cards, brochures, etc., or contact all your clients, suppliers, business associates, etc. to advise of your new address? Your own domain name lets you avoid all that, giving you a permanent Internet address. You can change your service providers every month if you want, and your address will always remain

Avoids Loss of Momentum
As any web marketer knows, it takes effort to promote a web site, and sometimes months to get it listed on the popular search engines. Fortunately, over time, some of those marketing efforts can build momentum, bringing more and more traffic to your site without additional marketing effort. But, if you can't take your web address with you when you switch to another ISP or host, you can lose much - if not all - of the momentum gained by your previous web marketing efforts.


Registration of a domain name is a vital step for all businesses and organisations, whether or not you currently feel the Internet is important to your business. Internet growth continues at a phenomenal rate and even if you don't feel you have a need for a professional net presence right now, it won't be long before your customers, suppliers and others demand it from you.

Registering your preferred name now will allow you to secure a valuable identity for yourself on the Internet to ensure you make the most of the available opportunities.

What does it Cost?

Note: Name registration has to be renewed every two years @ $99

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