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Why do you want to be on the internet ?



To bring in new customers

Everything else about your web page should be there to serve
that one purpose- to make new sales contacts . .


So what is important in a site design?

Answers: Being found by the search engines This can govern site design & layout
  Speed of loading Don't keep them waiting!
  Ease of navigation Make it easy to find everything on the site
  Getting the customer to email you An email reply form is ideal
  Fitting your budget We design to suit your budget

What does it Cost?

An ad on the WWW is incredibly cheap compared to other media. Usually as cheap as the cost of a small ad for one issue in our local newspaper! Once your ad is there, it is available 24 hours a day, all year, to millions of people from all over the world. Generally there is no on-going cost, just the price of the original design & layout work and the registration of your details with the various search engines (see below). Most servers do not charge rental fees for the average sized page. If however you are interested in having your own domain name you should read all about them here. We can arrange to place your WWW pages, up to 4Mb in size, on a no-rental site.

Even if you do not own a computer we can give you a presence on the Internet with our email-to-fax service. Have a look at our pages advertising Aussie Businesses. An ad on this page will cost you just $90 to set up and $20 per year. This includes a personalised email reply form the results of which are faxed to you at a charge of $2 for each reply.

Click to contact Us A typical page priced at $330 ($US160) includes page layout & design, scanning of a couple of graphics, an email-reply form and registration with ten of the major search engines. Click here to see a list of our page designs and their cost to produce.

Page design philosophy/psychology

Our designs are always governed by the important practical considerations imposed by the Web. A big colourful beautifully designed page with lots of big exotic pictures and logos is NOT a practical alternative on the Web.

The number of people using the Web is growing at a mind-boggling pace, in practice this means that it will get slower and slower as more people join. It is vitally important that your page loads quickly. You have wasted your money if your potential customer, who has gone to the trouble of locating you, gets bored waiting for all the graphics to arrive. They will, and they do, click the STOP button if a page takes too long to arrive! Look at it this way: will you wait for ages on a phone for someone to answer? Or do you get bored, hang up and look elsewhere?

So your first page should arrive fast. If you want to show detail put it on another page and warn the customer that they may have to wait a little while, people will do that if they are given a choice. Avoid flashy introductory screens. All graphics need to be optimised for maximum speed.

Ease of navigation

It should be easy for visitors to your site to hop from one page to another. In particular it should be easy for them to find your contact numbers and your email reply form. All your navigation links should be repeated in text format (see below) for the benefit of the sight-impaired and those who have turned off graphics for faster surfing. Users of mobiles and palmtops, with low resolution screens, will increasingly be logging onto the net - they won't be able to see flashy graphics-based navigation menus.

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Use Fill-in forms

In business it is a good idea to give your potential customers, ie those reading your page, a chance to let you know, who they are. We recommend using a fill-in form like the one we invite you to fill-in by clicking here.

For some reason people love to fill-in forms! Especially if you make a free offer, special discount or prize available to those who respond. Forms help to ensure you get all the information you need, so you can respond effectively.

The search engines

GoEureka Search EngineIts no good setting up shop in a big skyscraper if the receptionist in the lobby doesn't know you are there. That's what its like in the World Wide Web if you're not registered with the major search engines. We make sure that people can find your page by telling the WWW receptionists where to find you. Doing this job effectively requires careful thought and planning. Most of the search engines (the places where people go to look for products and WWW pages) expect you to have a list of keywords that describe your page. We employ other techniques that maximise your chance of being found. Each search engine analyses the page differently to decide where your page should be listed.

GoogleYou can assist us by giving some thought to what words, others would use, if they were looking for your page. Keep in mind that different countries use different words. For example, Americans go on "vacations", whereas we go on "holidays"


Check out some of our WWW page designs

(then e-mail any one of them to find out if they were delighted with our service)

If you require professional assistance in designing and implementing your WWW site,
contact John Carmichael for information and pricing by clicking here.

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